The TraveListe was born out of Bonnie Buckner and Emily Bicks’ true frustration with the amount of work and research required before traveling to a new city. No one has time for a bad meal or a crappy hotel, and before a new locale, SO…we preemptively spent what felt like a zillion hours online, reading every website and blog available to figure out the best place to stay, can’t-miss sightseeing spots, local delicacies, etc. Afterward, we wrote down lists of all the places we loved in the “notes” sections of our phone, not only to help us remember, but to send to our friends when they asked for travel tips.

We later learned that our curated lists were being shared with friends of friends, and we started to receive thank-you messages from people we didn’t even know for the great suggestions. As people who truly love to travel, nothing brought us more joy than knowing our “lists” eliminated the stressful amount “work” that goes into planning a trip, and that our shared tips were helping others experience all the best parts of exploring the world.

It became our mission to share these notes on our phone with as many people as possible, and we created the TraveListe, a multi-platform authentic guide of where to go and what to do. With the help of our international ambassadors, and without sponsorships swaying our opinions, we provide trusted answers to almost any travel question.